Thomas Francis Roueche

1833 – 1903

Kaysville’s First Mayor

Thomas Roueche was born in North Carolina on February 9, 1833. His father was from France and his mother came from Ireland. The Roueche family moved from North Carolina to St. Louis, Missouri, for better employment.

Thomas met Margaret Comish in St. Louis when her family stopped there while traveling to Utah. They married in 1854 and traveled to Utah with Margaret’s family in 1855.

When they arrived in Utah, they immediately settled in Kaysville. Thomas rented 15 acres of good fertile land to farm. He also ran a coal business. He purchased the land plus more, having 198 acres in Kaysville when he died. They built a small home on the land and later built a lovely big home on the property.

Thomas was elected the first mayor of Kaysville in March, 1860, and served in that position for seven terms or 14 years. He was also very active in serving the larger community. He was a road commissioner, and county commissioner for three terms. He drew the plans for the Farmington Courthouse and served while it was built. He was such a successful public servant that the people sent him to represent them in the territorial legislature. He served in many other capacities in his church and community and was known as a man of extreme integrity. He died on September 12, 1903.


  • “2023 Kaysville Cemetery Tour.” Poster created by the Kaysville City Historic Preservation Commission & the Kaysville – Fruit Heights Museum of History & Art.
  • Photos courtesy of FamilySearch.