William Court

1812 – 1899

Kaysville’s First Cemetery Sexton

William Court was born on October 24 1812, in Dumbleton, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom. He was the son of Thomas Court and Elizabeth Newland. Little other is known of his early life in England. He married Ann Parker in 1839 and later joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1849 and emigrated to Utah in the early 1850s, settling in Kaysville.

William and his wife, Ann had no children of their own but they reared and adopted a daughter, Carrie Webb. They also raised a nephew, George Court.

William was the first sexton of the Kaysville Cemetery and a man who lived his life according to what he considered to be his duty. It is said that Mr. Court was a man of sterling qualities. For 35 years he was a “deacon of the Mormon meeting house and unto him was given the responsibility of caring for the poor of Kaysville. No poor person ever appealed to him for aid in vain. It was part of his religion it seemed to make glad, the hearts of those to whom luxuries were almost unknown. He made sure that every Christmas and Thanksgiving day was a time of special rejoicing among the poor.”

In the early hours of December 22, 1899, one of Kaysville’s “most highly respected pioneers” passed away after several years of failing health.


  • “2023 Kaysville Cemetery Tour.” Poster created by the Kaysville City Historic Preservation Commission & the Kaysville – Fruit Heights Museum of History & Art.
  • Photos courtesy of FamilySearch.