Sarah E. Layton Taylor Coombs


Sarah E. Layton (Taylor) (Coombs), youngest daughter of  Sarah Ellen Barnes Layton, was also an active member, serving on the W.S.A. Executive Committee in 1894. It was not, however, until 1896 that Utah achieved statehood and women regained voting rights with the state constitution. Sarah was born in Kaysville in the fall of 1865. She married Levi Taylor, Jr., December 21, 1882; her father-in-law was well-known in the community, one of the early water masters, a city councilman in two different terms, a city marshal. Sarah was involved in many organizations including, but not limited to the Woman’s Temperance Union, the Republican party as a delegate, and the Mother’s Club which was a suffrage education arm. In 1904 she petitioned Washington be appointed the town postmistress.