Erminie “Minnie” Williams Jarman


Erminie “Minnie” Williams Jarman was the daughter of suffragist Ada Evans Williams and Ebenezer Williams. Minnie as she was nicknamed followed on the path blazed by her mother in working in for the Columbian Club and Woman’s Suffrage Association. In 1891 she performed on the program of a debate regarding woman’s vote. That may have been the initial salvo into civic involvement, but it did not end there. She participated on two committees for the Grand Leap Year Ball, the 1992 Leap Year Ball, and the Grand Calico Dress Ball, events held to benefit the Ladies’ Columbian Club, a group organized to promote the women of Utah to the nation. Minnie married Joseph Bright Jarman in 1894 and continued her political activity. In December of that year at a meeting in Farmington, she was elected first vice president of the Davis County W.S.A. to work with her mother who was selected to fill the position of second vice president. A year later she was appointed to the executive committee of the same organization. After the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed in 1920, she continued to maintain a visible presence and was elected as an alternate delegate to the Davis County Democratic Convention. [1893 Convention]