Ellen Ann Beazer Barton


Ellen Ann Beazer Barton was the daughter of prosperous parents who had a home of culture and refinement as had their parents in England. When the family joined a new American church and made plans to emigrate, the relatives “were indignant to think they would leave their surroundings and advantages to go to the wild west and live among ‘heathens’ …” Ellen Ann was just a toddler when crossing the plains. In Kaysville, her father was a successful farmer, sheep man and businessman with an interest in the Weinel Mill and the Kaysville Co-op. Ellen married Peter Barton the day before Christmas 1870, the same year that her father left for a mission to England. As the wife of a prominent citizen and bishop, Peter Barton, Ellen is known to have participated in the Davis County Convention of the Woman’s Suffrage Association in October of 1893. Her credentials were printed in the Woman’s Exponent. It was also recorded that an “Ella” Barton had performed an organ solo during one of the meetings. She was active in the Kaysville Relief Society, participating in a surprise party for President Sarah B. Layton in February of 1900. In 1899 she traveled with Bishop Barton, Franklin D. Richards, and Emmeline B. Wells with others to organize the Relief Society in Omaha.